Soloflex freeweights are rubber coated and have urethane grips. They are by far the most comfortable and quietest available, and will not damage floors and clang like metal weights. This can be very important for apartment dwellers. While less well known as other adjustable systems, most after trying them all develop a strong preference for the Soloflex version. Having also owned the Bowflex variety, spinlock handled dumbbells, Powerblocks, and tried the Ironmaster, Hoist, and other brands, I will stick with and strongly prefer the Soloflex version.

Also unique to Soloflex is the Compound Barbell with its rotating handles. The Gaspari rotating Barbell and Supra Barbells aren’t even close to being in the same league. The Soloflex Compound Barbell is extremely tough, comfortable, balanced and well made piece of equipment of extremely high quality. It has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Both the barbell and handweights are much easier for people with joint, tendon, and arthritic pain to deal with. online community and forum.

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